SB Micro Sample Port

Widely used within the brewery, food, dairy and beverage industries, the Alfa Laval SB Micro Sample Port enables representative aseptic and microbiological samples to be taken in small volumes from tanks and pipework.

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Aseptic sampling for microbiological control

To help ensure food and beverage safety, the sample port features a straightforward hygienic design with minimal components makes collecting samples mid-stream easy, convenient and accurate.

Versatile mounting

Direct mounting on the tank wall, pipe wall, or extruded pipe ends in either a vertical and horizontal position makes the port versatile and suitable for a broad range of applications and provides the flexibility needed to meet your sampling requirements.

Easy to clean

Hygienic design ensures optimum hygiene for representative sampling. When the port is located on the tank wall or pipe wall, the plug end that is flush with the wall is automatically cleaned during the routine Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) cycle. To minimize the risk of contamination, it is easy to sterilize the rest of the plug with alcohol before sampling.

Product benefits

  • Simple, hygienic design
  • Superior hygiene
  • Compact size

How it works


The sampling port consists of a housing made as a socket for direct welding into the tank wall or pipework, a rubber plug which is positioned by a press screw, an o-ring, chain and a closing cap. These different types of sockets are mounted:

  • Socket, Type T, is welded into a 25-mm diameter hole in a tank wall
  • Socket, Type P, is welded onto a pipe wall and, thereafter, an 8-mm hole is drilled
  • Socket, Type PC, is available for welding onto extruded pipe ends equal to 1” as well as DN25

Operating principle

To take a sampling, simply unscrew the closing cap and insert a one-mm hypodermic needle through the rubber plug.

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