Support that runs both deep and wide

In choosing Alfa Laval PureBallast 3, you choose more than the leading ballast water treatment technology. You choose a supplier with total solutions, including the skills, resources and well-developed service offering to support your needs – today and tomorrow.

Training brings peace of mind in ballast water treatment and more

British Antarctic Survey (BAS) operates in some of the world’s harshest and most remote environments. When installing Alfa Laval systems on its new research vessel, the organization sent crew members for in-depth training at Alfa Laval training centres.

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PureBallast training

PureBallast 3 is designed for ease of use so crews can quickly learn how to operate and maintain the system. However, ballast water treatment is still a relatively new application and a training course can ensure the crew runs the system with low operational cost and in a way that maximizes the lifetime of the system. Investing in PureBallast trainings means the crew attains competence about the application area and about how to best operate your PureBallast system. Our trainings are available on board your vessel, at our training facilities around the world and digitally.

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Compliance Service Package

As the deadlines for choosing a ballast water treatment system draw closer, more ship owners are realizing the long-term implications of this one-time investment. Beyond the choice of technology, supplier service capabilities are coming into focus.

Before ballast water regulations entered into force, the discussion on the market centred largely on the differences between treatment methods. Today, however, a growing share of it focuses on the differences between suppliers. Given that ballast water treatment systems should comply throughout the vessel lifetime, ship owners are concerned about supplier stability and technical support down the road, especially when it comes to accessing parts.

PureBallast Compliance Service Package

This annual package includes everything you need to verify your system is functioning according to type approval.

    • Full system check and test
    • Calibration - Ensure all sensors and transmitters are communicating correct values to the control system.
    • System optimization
    • Crew guidancece

Retrofitting PureBallast 3

Alfa Laval is well prepared for the technical and logistical challenges of retrofitting a vessel for ballast water treatment.

Tailored retrofit solutions

On most vessels there is no existing space or consideration for ballast water treatment. The compactness and flexibility of PureBallast 3 Compact Flex will simplify a retrofit, but Alfa Laval’s hands-on knowledge and proven working procedures are even more important.

Alfa Laval has worked with retrofit installations for a decade. Our capabilities, accumulated knowledge and flexible project management make us the most qualified supplier for your retrofit needs. We customize each project to meet your requirements, even offering budgeting assistance and financing options.

Cooperation and flexibility

Retrofits involve partnerships, often at a global level. We can work with your engineering department and chosen yard, or we can secure competencies from our own network for engineering support, 3D laser scanning, class approval and more.

Likewise, we can meet your existing docking schedule or arrange for installation during your voyage. As a global organization with strong logistics, we can even move with your project if your trading routes change prior to docking. Our presence and capabilities worldwide ensure a smooth and successful project, even when major changes occur.

PureBallast services

PureBallast 3 is a wise choice of compliance technology, backed by reliable service choices to secure its lasting performance.

Your compliance partner

Alfa Laval is not only the most experienced supplier of ballast water treatment systems, but also a true marine supplier with a global service network and a century-long track record. All that expertise is part of a PureBallast system – and the comprehensive services that support it.

Our Alfa Laval 360° Service Portfolio contains a wide range of PureBallast services, including:

  • Installation Supervision
    Ensure proper installation according to best practices and classification society specifications.
  • Calibration
    Ensure all sensors and transmitters are communicating correct values to the control system.
  • Performance Audit
    Ensure your system is true to its type approval through system updates and careful evaluation of all functions.
  • Recommissioning
    Restore performance and avoid potential damage at start-up after a long period of system inactivity.

These services and others can be used on their own, or combined in a tailor-made Alfa Laval Performance Agreement.

PureBallast Performance Agreements

With an Alfa Laval Performance Agreement, you experience true security while knowing your service costs in advance.

Top performance – now and in the future

The Alfa Laval 360° Service Portfolio offers many services to keep your PureBallast system working at its best. While they can be used individually, you get most value by combining them in a tailor-made Alfa Laval Performance Agreement.

This flexible solution gives you the ideal service for your needs at a fixed, budgeted cost

Optimal service, neatly packaged

Creating a Performance Agreement can be as easy as it is smart. Based on Alfa Laval knowledge and experience, our experts have assembled a convenient, predefined service package that gives you optimized performance at an optimal price:

PureBallast Compliance Service Package

This annual package includes everything you need to verify your system is functioning according to type approval.

    • Full system check and test
    • Calibration
    • System optimization
    • Crew guidance



Our global service network

Alfa Laval has an extensive global service network dedicated to helping you get the most from PureBallast and other equipment.

Extending performance

Alfa Laval is nearby, 24/7 and wherever you sail. In key marine harbours, by phone, online or on board, our service experts help you achieve maximum uptime and the highest degree of optimization.

Our global service network keeps you competitive by minimizing costs and maximizing the return on your equipment investment. By taking advantage of our skills and support, you can rely on PureBallast for cost-effective compliance throughout your vessel’s lifetime.

Expertise at your service

Our service team’s knowledge is drawn from a century of marine experience – including more than a decade of experience in ballast water treatment. You benefit from a long tradition of finding solutions, and from best practices identified worldwide.

Besides securing parts and performing maintenance, our service engineers can train your crew, troubleshoot complex issues or evaluate your equipment and make expert recommendations. In port or at sea, their constant aim is to bring you peace of mind.