Olive oil production

Olive oil is a delicate, natural product that can be produced in numerous different ways. The basics are the same, but each company’s production specifics, processing complexities and priorities are different. Alfa Laval has the capabilities to suit your needs. We supply olive oil production solutions that ensure cost-effectiveness, documented reliability and any combination of technological capabilities, product specifications and quality level that your particular operation requires.

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Batch, artisan production

Many olive oil producers operate on a smaller scale, focusing on batch production, artisan quality and the need to deal with locally sourced olive inputs that can vary considerably in type, volume and quality. Besides the need for efficient machinery running reliably during short harvests, flexibility and the possibility to control the process for different olive oil properties are also in scope.

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Industrial-scale production

Key challenges when producing olive oil on an industrial scale in very large quantities often relates to economies of scale – to maintain a reliable, highly efficient, continuous production with high yield and low operating costs. On the product side a stable, consistent oil quality is desirable. Today, we also see increasing focus on minimizing the environmental impact, from a sustainability as well as a cost perspective.

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Case story: De Carlo

For the last 50 years, the family-run olive oil producer De Carlo in Bitritto, Itlay has been using Alfa Laval’s olive oil production equipment, including the latest Sigma 6 especially designed for small-scale olive oil mills. Watch the video to see how they improve the quality of their olive oil, optimize costs, and reduce the consumption of water.

Case story: Sociedad Agricola Ouro Vegetal (SAOV)

In this video, the award-winning Portuguese olive oil producer Sociedad Agricola Ouro Vegetal (SAOV) reveals how they handle the biggest challenges faced in the last 3-4 years, that is, to meet the recent increase in extra production while maintaining a high-quality standard for their olive oil.  


Olive oil production process solutions:

Paste preparation and oil extraction

Olive fruit preparation

Olive Oil Packaging

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Get better results and greater efficiency with automation and easy-to-use control systems

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Use the same equipment to produce both olive oil and avocado oil provides you with an additional revenue stream outside the normal olive processing season.

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