A new Unique PMO from the original DNA

Alfa Laval is proud to be the company behind the dairy industry’s first PMO valve, and introduces its latest successor – the Unique mixproof CP-3 valve. It faithfully lives up to its pedigree, offering all dairy, food and beverage processors with optimum hygiene, reliable performance, and lower cost of ownership.

One valve brings mixproof safety to all process occasions

Not just a dairy valve, the Unique CP-3 is a reduced vent mixproof valve – designed to be configurable and protect your product in all processing occasions.

Food and beverage plants across the USA are now using this proven mixproof technology to eliminate cross contamination – while improving overall production safety, hygiene, and output.


The Unique mixproof CP-3 is configurable to handle sugar and syrup based carbonated beverages or energy drinks – perfect for syrup or recipe room manifolds. The technique of cleaning plugs and seats during seat-lift eliminates sugar or syrup build-up.

Cleaning time and ultimately recipe changes are faster as only two seals are located in the valve chamber – allowing faster cleaning of the valve during seat lift with less seal spares required, improves valve longevity.


The Unique mixproof CP-3 also has a configuration for handling the most viscous condiments such as ketchup and mayonnaise and can help solve complex food processing challenges – like maintaining the texture and taste of soups or sauces with vegetables.

While cleaning mixproof valves with tight plug tolerances can be difficult for any viscous food application, the starches left behind present the biggest cleaning challenge.

The valve seat is designed with throttling edges on the upper and lower seat plugs – which accelerates cleaning fluid to improve CIP efficiency and clean the most stubborn food residue with the absolute minimum amount of CIP fluid resources used.  

Unique Mixproof CP 3 Valve 196x376

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Perfect your process with manifolds

Alfa Laval manifolds add unprecedented efficiency to your process without monopolizing valuable floor space. Once configured and installed, your dairy will run more safely and efficiently, while saving both down time and operating cost. With the Unique mixproof CP-3 valve at the heart of your process, the highest level of versatility is added to your manifold – enabling simultaneous processing and CIP cleaning.

Enhance your manifold with:

• Integrated CIP supply headers, lines and control valves

• Integrated network cabling, connections, junction boxes and
air solenoid valves

• Pre-wiring of individual manifold valves for easy integration into an existing network. 

• Delivered ready to install: Requiring minimal connections, reducing installation time and cost