Check if washing will increase your profits

Cells that have been separated out from broth in the microbial cell removal step hold fluid with the same product concentration as the cell-free broth. Washing these cells lets you recover the product from extracellular and intracellular liquids. The cells are then removed from the washing water in a high-speed separator, and the diluted product is returned to the main production stream.

Washing = increased yield with lower costs

The washing process can be repeated in several stages to recover as much product as economically viable. Washing can increase the yield by a few percent, which can have a significant effect on your bottom line.

Washing not only increases the yield but also investment and operating costs. This requires a detailed analysis to find out how much the yield will increase, and if the added costs are justified by the extra amount of product produced.

Alfa Laval has developed special software that allows us to analyze if washing is profitable. And if so, the optimum number of washing steps. We will be happy to calculate the possible benefits of adding a washing system in your plant.

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