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Our local experts and leaders within the key technology areas of heat transfer, separation and fluid handling share their experience in helping you optimize the performance of processes.



Webinar - Optimize your biopharmaceutical productivity with mixing and high speed separator solutions | 26 August 2021

The webinar session demonstrated how you can enhance your biopharmaceutical productivity with mixing and high-speed separator solutions. We are here to help you to lower your capital and operating cost while achieving sustainability in your business and make you ready for this changing and fast-growing market.


Webinar - Improve sustainability and profitability in your palm oil mill with Alfa Laval's latest technology | 30 June & 14 July 2021

The two-session webinar demonstrated how you can take the oil loss in effluent to the next low level down to 0.5-0.6% and how you can control the Particulate Matter in emissions with a simple and cost effective solution. We are here to help you to lower your capital and operating cost while achieving sustainability in your business.

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Webinar - Improve quality of refined palm oil and biodiesel with Alfa Laval’s high speed separators | 22 April 2021

In this webinar, we discussed about improving quality of biodiesel by maximum separation performance in key processes of transesterification, washing and steryl glucosides (SG) removal.

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Webinar - Discover how to reduce OPEX in your wastewater plants with Alfa Laval’s decanter innovations and service offerings | 4 February 2021

Join our free webinar where our experts present on how you can reduce the environmental footprint, by maximizing reuse of water and minimizing the operational costs to run the plants.

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Webinar - Heat exchanger solutions to optimize your plant's productivity | 19 November 2020

In this free webinar, we will share with you our different heat exchanger solutions that can save your cost of ownership and boost the heat recovery in your plants

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