Growing your plant-based process together

As a start-up in the plant-based drinks industry, one of many challenges you face is to develop an efficient and reliable production process. Contact us at an early stage and we will support you with the knowhow and equipment you need to take your product from the idea stage, through lab and pilot tests, to commercial production.

Ensure a smooth scale-up

Scaling up is a learning process and it is not unusual to discover that the product behaves in new ways when the process is scaled up. For example, many start-ups experience inconsistent process results in the different development stages due to a less than ideal equipment choice. When this happens, new issues may emerge in each new stage, increasing time to market and development costs.

Another example is that you may experience that more of your product ends up in the waste streams. We can help you to both recover this product, and add new value streams from your waste at the same time.

Our experts have supported many start-ups in the food and beverage industry during their scale-up processes. They can assist you during the design phase and when selecting equipment to ensure a consistent process through the scale-up stages.

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Control fouling

Fouling is a key issue to consider when designing production lines for plant-based beverages. It not only causes shorter production runs and increased costs for cleaning; it can also negatively impact taste and texture.

Customizing your heat exchangers to fit the process conditions is essential to minimize fouling. If the turbulence is too low and the temperature too high, the proteins and sugars in your plant-based beverage will cause fouling and may even burn onto the plate surfaces.

We have worked extensively with heating and pasteurizing in dairy, beverage, and protein applications, and we know how to design heat exchangers for minimal fouling. Thanks to a wide selection of plates with different patterns, we can provide you with heat exchangers that match your specific conditions and raw materials perfectly.

Fouling is also a central factor to consider in the scale-up process. We help you identify duties where fouling can be problematic and advise you on how to minimize the problem. For example, it is important to ensure consistent flow velocities throughout the different development stages, otherwise you may experience new fouling problems as you scale up.

Are you interested to learn how you can optimize your plant-based drinks production or run a trial at our Application & Innovation Centres?