Commercial brewing

Alfa Laval has a vast range of proven commercial brewing equipment and solutions to meet your efficiency, reliability and consistency requirements on an industrial scale. Our process expertise, along with our professional systems and technologies, new or retrofit, enable you to fine-tune delicate production balances in the commercial brewing process to boost yields, use less energy and water, reduce waste and produce remarkable beers that send out a strong message about your brand’s uniqueness.

Commercial brewing tank farm

Commercial brewing solutions - Brewing on an industrial scale

  • Professional brewing solutions for brewers, based on proven brewery techniques
  • Proven track record of improved yield and reduced water and energy consumption
  • Flexibility that enables you to quickly respond to new trends in the brewing industry
  • A global service network of professional brewing specialists to support you with process expertise, spare parts and commercial brewing equipment
Our commercial brewing solutions, from individual components and process modules to turnkey projects, are designed and manufactured to provide tight control over your brewing, while allowing you the flexibility to help brew remarkable beer.

Proven solutions for your commercial brewing process


Commercial brewing process flowchart

Eliminate challenges in the brewing process with our brewing equipment

Improving operations is an everyday fact of life for brewers, all the way from the brewhouse to packaging. Incremental improvements to wort yields, beer loss or water usage can amount to significant savings over the long term. See how our brewing process expertise, solutions and individual components for each process block help avoid and overcome common issues in the brewing process.



Recover wort, reduce waste, save energy and improve brewhouse efficiency and hygiene.

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Recover beer, shorten fermentation and maturation time, improve yeast management, sampling and more.

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Filtering and treatment

Avoid spoilage, improve beer quality and diversify your products.

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Optimize cleaning sequences, reducing overall energy and chemical usage.

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