The Alfa Laval Oil Cleaning Module (OCM) removes contaminants from oil, such as water and solid particles. The OCM module helps to extend equipment life and prolongs service intervals significantly. It is available as a stationary or mobile unit, to serve several tanks, and it comes with or without a heater. The OCM is also available in further standardized options for easy selection.

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Extra efficient, extra convenient

  • Low operating costs
  • Minimal filter and sludge disposal
  • Prolongs equipment lifetime
  • Plug-and-play module for easy installation
  • Reduced environmental impact
The Alfa Laval OCM range cleans mineral, lubricating and hydraulic oils fast and conveniently to help avoid equipment breakdown and unnecessary downtime. Scheduling is simple and flexible since the OCM can operate while the oil is being used or when the primary equipment is at a standstill. The modularized system, with all components integrated and pre-configured on a skid, is easy to install, and works without operator supervision.

How it works

The Alfa Laval disc-stack centrifuge efficiently separates the solid and liquid phases from each other. Traditional settling tanks use gravity to separate phases. Due to the high rotational velocity, the Alfa Laval centrifuge separators speed up separation by 5,000 times using centrifugal force instead of just gravity.

The force presses heavy particles outwards against the separator walls. The disc stack inside the separator bowl ensures lighter particles follow the heavier ones instead of the liquid, making separation more precise and efficient.

The OCM is a complete plug-and-play module including separator, feed pump and control panel. It is normally installed in a bypass system operating continuously and independently without interruption to equipment operations.

Experience the benefits of high-performance lube oil cleaning

The quality of your lube oil determines equipment lifetime and levels of productivity. Cleaned lube oil maintains its quality over time and is therefore essential to a healthy, trouble-free process.

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Whitepaper: The importance of lube oil cleaning

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