Alfa Laval P3 decanter centrifuges help eliminate many of the problems associated with tailings dam operations and filtration technologies. They are a proven and effective dewatering solution for slimes, clays and silts and other fine tailings. The special deep-pond design, the unique conveyor and the optimized cone angle enable you to treat volumes. The resultant spadeable cake can be disposed of by co-disposal or dry stacking while the separated water can be recycled for reuse.

阿法拉伐P3卧螺离心机-Alfa Laval P3 decanter centrifuge

Built to last with highest throughput on the market

  • Able to dewater ultrafine material < 10 micron in continuous operation
  • Robust design (fully wear protected) for high reliability
  • No filter cloth, limited quantity of wash-water at shutdown
  • Low capital and installation cost
  • Can be trialled on a pilot for proof of concept and then scaled up
Built to last Alfa Laval P3 decanter centrifuges are constructed with carefully selected components such as Duplex stainless steel (SS316 and SAF2205) or Super Duplex SAF2507 on request. Heavy-duty bearings and a stiff box beam frame ensure a design fit for purpose, and all exposed interior parts are protected by replaceable tungsten carbide tiles. The smooth acceleration of solids in the feed and outlet zones helps minimize wear and results in an efficient separation process.

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