Beer de-alcoholization modules

More than 25 years of LAB/NAB technology to help you succeed

Alfa Laval offers advanced cost-effective, standardized solutions and systems for removing or reducing alcohol in beer to help brewers tap into the fast-growing and profitable low and noalcohol beer market as people across the world search for healthier options.

Proven solutions for all types of beer including cloudy wheat beers and dark beers

  • High natural flavour preservation to ensure high quality marketable products
  • Broad choice of flow rates and equipment to suit specific need
  • Easy to install and integrate thanks to prefabricated, modular plug-in solutions
  • Energy efficient production – low running and maintenance costs
  • Single source supply for peace of mind

Our modules are backed by the global Alfa Laval Support Service, which includes start up, and training, site audits and upgrades. Read more about our Support Service offering below.

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With the dealcoholizer, which we use to remove the alcohol from the beer, plus our key proprietary technology, we were able to develop non-alcoholic beers that taste just like a regular beer."

- Alberto Sun, Global Director Raw Materials 

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