Contherm HP

Contherm® HP is a single-wall scraped-surface heat exchanger (SSHE). Designed for continuous and semi-continuous processing under high product pressures, it is the most robust design in the Contherm® family. The HP model is suitable for numerous products from a variety of industries and can support an extremely broad range of viscosities.

Contherm®HP single wall scraped surface heat exchanger

  • Withstands product pressures of up to 41.4 bar (600 PSI)
  • Versatile solution that can handle particles up to 36 mm and viscosities well in excess of 50,000 cP.
  • Fast and simple installation with self-aligning rotating shaft
  • Easy-to-clean design can flexibly transition between products with limited downtime
  • Robust construction ensures efficient heat transfer and reliable mechanical performance
For high-pressure demands, the Contherm® HP scraped-surface heat exchanger provides twice the pressure resistance of a standard single-wall Contherm®. The design further eliminates the need for coupling components, thanks to a unique rotating shaft that self-aligns with the motor/gear-box assembly. Like the original Contherm®, Contherm® HP can be installed vertically or horizontally to meet specific preferences or space limitations.

The scraped-surface heat exchanger principle

In scraped-surface heat exchanger applications, the product enters the cylinder at the bottom and flows upwards. The heating or cooling medium travels in a counter-current flow through a narrow annular channel.

Rotating blades continuously remove product from the cylinder wall to ensure uniform heat transfer. The product enters the cylinder in a corkscrew pattern in the same direction as the rotating scraping assembly. This preserves product quality by reducing shear, providing gentler product handling and reduced pressure drop across the inlet. Finally, the product exits the cylinder at the top.

Both product flow and rotor speed can be adjusted to suit the particular properties of the product in the cylinder.





Contherm Service Offering

Partnering with Alfa Laval for the service of your Contherm scraped surface heat exchanger will ensure your heat exchanger is always working at top performance.

  • Easy commission and installation
  • Safe start-up
  • No unexpected downtime
  • Reduce total costs of ownership
  • Upgrade your scraped surface heat exchanger to achieve more

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More than you thought possible

For continuous processing of demanding products, the complete Contherm® range provides endless possibilities. In fact, today Alfa Laval is the only supplier on the market who can offer robust heat transfer with both double and single-wall scraped surface heat exchanger solutions.

We understand that no two customers’ needs are identical. That’s why Contherm® heat exchangers are always fully tailored to fit the intended application. The end result is more: more capacity, more efficiency and – most importantly – more profitability. When it comes to your business, who doesn’t want more?

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Contherm products

Viscous products

Viscous products

The complete Contherm® range provides solutions for continuous processing of any type of challenging viscous liquid. Whether dealing with low or medium-viscosity products or those with extremely high viscosities, there is a member of the Contherm® family to fit your needs.

Example applications include: ketchup, mayonnaise, hummus, chocolate spreads, fruit pie fillings, gravies and sauces, whipped/aerated products, peanut butter, pizza sauces, puddings, salad dressings, salsa and taco fillings, sandwich spreads, bread dough, mechanically deboned meat (MDM), gelatine, omelettes, baby food, nougat, skin lotions, shampoos, liquorice, and more.

Heat-sensitive products

Scraped-surface heat exchangers are an ideal solution for heat-sensitive products that tend to cause fouling in other types of heat exchangers. With the most complete range available, Alfa Laval can support customers with any challenging heat-sensitive product need.

Example applications include: liquid and scrambled egg products, meat emulsions, fruit preparations and fruit purées, cream cheeses, whey proteins, and more.

Heat-sensitive products

Crystallizing products

Crystallizing products and applications with phase change challenges

Preserving taste, colour and/or texture is a particular challenge for manufacturers of products that can undergo crystallization. We work with your business to find the optimal Contherm® solution to fit your production.

Example applications include: coffee/tea extracts, icings and frostings, sugar concentrates, margarines, shortening, spreads, gelatine broth, lard, fondant, biscuit creams, solvents, fatty acids, petroleum jelly, beer and wine, and more.

Products with particulate matter

Contherm® solutions are always built to the specifications of the target duty. Whether you are processing products with large, small or mixed particles, or switching between non-particulate and particulate products, your Contherm® can be adapted to meet the demands.

Example applications include: meat, chicken pieces, fish meal, pet food, jams and preserves, yoghurt with fruits, a variety of fruit preparations, rice pudding, vegetable pieces, and more.

Products with particulate matter

Sticky products

Sticky products

Many heat exchangers encounter limits when handling process fluids that are sticky. For Contherm®, however, it’s never a problem. The complete Contherm® family can support a full range of mildly to extremely sticky products, from foods to beauty products and more.

Example applications include: caramel, cheese sauces, lecithin, processed cheese, confectionery, yeast extracts, gums, gelatine, mascara, toothpaste, starch, and more.


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