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Alfa Laval DuroShell is designed to make cleaning and maintenance easy, with far less required than for labour-intensive shell-and-tube heat exchangers. In fact, DuroShell even involves less maintenance than other plate-and-shells. The plates’ roller coaster pattern creates high turbulence at all media velocities, which prevents fouling even with slightly more difficult media. To give you the longest, most efficient and most cost-effective performance from your DuroShell, Alfa Laval offers services performed by trained specialists.

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Alfa Laval performance assessment and audit for DuroShell

Performance assessment and performance audit

By checking the heat exchanger performance vs the optimal performance, Alfa Laval can help you define a preventative maintenance plan according to the specific conditions of your plant and processes.  Additional benefits are:

  • Optimized service intervals to meet your process requirements
  • Reduced energy costs thanks to improved thermal efficiency and lower pressure drop
  • Better planning to give you full control of production uptime and your maintenance budget
  • Improved sustainability in your processes with longer life for your equipment

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Alfa Laval cleaning services for DuroShell

Cleaning services

Proper cleaning restores your DuroShell to its optimal condition, ensuring maximum thermal efficiency and heat recovery, with lower maintenance costs and a longer lifecycle for your unit. Added peace of mind thanks to:

  • Safe and effective cleaning that will not damage the equipment
  • Improved efficiency and reduced energy consumption
  • Prevention of damage due to corrosion or pressure drop
  • Easier and quicker maintenance

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