Pressure transmitter

Pressure transmitters provide accurate, reliable indication of pressure. These pressure measurement devices are suitable for use in filtration and pump systems, pressure vessels, valve matrices and other hygienic and pharmaceutical process equipment.

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High precision pressure measurement

Alfa Laval pressure transmitters are accurate measuring devices that indicate pressure in hygiene process equipment and systems. These IP67 protected pressure transmitters are ideal for use in the brewery, food and beverage, personal care and pharmaceutical industries.

Fast, accurate performance

Engineered for long-term stability and high overload capacity, Alfa Laval pressure transmitters maintain accurate performance and have a response time of <10 ms. These pressure transmitters provide a <=0.35%FS accuracyfor nominal pressure lower than 0.4 bar and a <=0.5%FS accuracy for nominal pressure greater than or equal to 0.4 bar. An optional version that provides a <=0.1%FS accuracy is available for nominal pressure lower than 0.4 bar.

Pressure transmitter range

Standard Alfa Laval pressure transmitters cover 10 different measuring ranges with pressures between -1 and 40 and integrated temperature compensation from 0 to +70°C (+32 to 158°F).

These pressure measurement devices are suitable for use with all media that are compatible with AISI 316L stainless steel and feature 4-20 mA output signals (two- or three-wire). The hygienic process connection is flushable and filled with FDA-approved silicone oil. The pressure transmitter can be delivered either with clamps DN 38 (ISO2852) / DN 40 (DIN32676) or with clamps DN 50 (ISO2852) / DN 51 (DIN32676).

To handle high media temperatures up to 300°C (572°F), an optional cooling element is available. The Alfa Laval pressure transmitter is also available in an ATEX-approved version that is suitable for use in potentially explosive areas (zone 0 or 1).

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Product Benefits

  • High precision pressure measurement
  • Fast, accurate performance
  • Pressure transmitter range


How it works

Operating principle

The Alfa Laval pressure transmitter is an analogue pressure sensor that uses the piezoresistive effect to measure pressure. Made of stainless steel, the piezoresistive pressure transmitter provides pressure measurement with an accuracy of up to 0.1 % FSO (IEC 60770), thanks to its small temperature effect and excellent linearity.