Zero Liquid Discharge

Alfa Laval ZLD systems are robust compact solutions for absolute minimization of liquid discharge in industrial waste applications. Highly adaptable, they can be used across a range of demanding duties in various industries for wastewater reduction as well as recovery of product, and of water suitable for reuse. Our proven track record and extensive experience in both thermal solutions and separation technology ensure a cost-efficient solution.

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Smart solution to reclaim resources and minimize waste volumes

  • Low investment, installation and operational costs
  • Special heat exchanger plate design minimizes fouling and scaling
  • High efficiency reduces heat transfer area required
  • Can operate cost effectively at vacuum thereby reducing scaling risks
  • Cost-effective maintenance – 100% cleanable and inspectable heat transfer surfaces

Alfa Laval ZLD systems combine our proven plate evaporator and decanter centrifuge technology. The evaporation systems work in a forced circulation mode, with flashing occurring inside the cyclonic vessel. In standard configuration, the system has an evaporation capacity up to 100 m3/hr and results in more than 90% crystal dewatering. each system can be adapted to the specific separation duty and capacities.


Are you ready to see what Zero Liquid Discharge can do for your business?

Investing in an Alfa Laval ZLD system benefits your business, and the environment. By cutting down on waste and improving sustainability, you can make a real difference to the way your industrial process works and how much impact it has. Everything about our ZLD solution is designed to be cost efficient too, with low investment, installation and operational costs. If you want to find out more, please download our white paper today!

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Zero Liquid Discharge test unit

There are many benefits to installing an Alfa Laval Zero Liquid Discharge system, but you don’t just have to read about them. Experience the benefits for yourself by booking time with our test unit, and you can see how ZLD can positively impact your business.

The Zero Liquid Discharge test unit

Water reuse and waste minimization – with Alfa Laval ZLD technology

Welcome to a webinar focusing on Alfa Laval´s zero liquid discharge systems, built around our proven plate heat exchanger and decanter centrifuge technology. During the webinar, you will learn more how this can benefit your industrial waste applications.

Interested in greater understanding of our superior evaporation technology?

Alfa Laval offers a plate-based evaporation test unit for evaporation/crystallization, suitable for demanding industries and applications. Read more about technical details and the benefits gained from test work by downloading the product leaflet.


Get an overview of the Zero Liquid Discharge System

  Learn more how Alfa Laval solutions can turn waste into value-add product by exploring the Zero Liquid Discharge system.

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A choice of configurations

Mechanical vapor recompression (MVR)

Alfa Laval ZLD systems can be designed with MVR using electrical power to drive the evaporation process. An electrically driven fan increases the condensation temperature of the vapor in the evaporator before it is routed back to the heat exchanger where the latent heat is recovered. This configuration is ideal when there is no thermal heat source and when boiling point elevations are moderate.

Multi-effect systems

Alfa Laval ZLD systems can be designed using a thermal heat source such as steam or hot water, with one or several effects depending on the capacity requirements and your energy efficiency targets. The configuration is ideal when thermal heat sources are available and is generally more attractive in terms of capital expenditure.


AlfaFlash working principle

Dig deeper into the functions of the Alfa Laval Zero Liquid Discharge system. Watch the AlfaFlash animation and experience our forced circulation evaporation technology first hand.


Distillery achieves zero liquid discharge with Alfa Laval water recycling system.

Case story: Read more about how Alfa Laval designed a customer specific solution to treat waste water from distillery operations in order to save money on water, energy and treatment.

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“Once we discovered Alfa Laval’s AlfaVap technology, we’ve never looked back."

Read more about how the Alfa Laval solution helped Fountain Quail recycle up to 80 percent of “flowback” wastewater for future use – protecting a valuable natural resource while maximizing gas production.

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Turn waste into value!

Alfa Laval industrial water and waste treatment solutions helps to reduce your environmental footprint from water and waste streams. With our robust technologies you maximize reuse of water and minimize energy consumption by turning waste to value – time and time again!

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Ready for ZLD?

If you are looking for an industrial system that minimizes liquid discharge and maximizes water recovery, contact Alfa Laval today to learn more about our robust and cost efficient solutions to reclaim resources and minimize waste.

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