Swimming pool heating

Alfa Laval gasketed plate heat exchangers and systems  offer an energy-efficient and economical solution for maintaining a near constant year-round water temperature in swimming pools. In certain projects, swimming pool heating can also be incorporated in an overall solution from Alfa Laval.

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Cost-efficient pool heating

A heat exchanger installed between the swimming pool’s circulation system and the building’s ordinary heating system separates the circuits and provides swimming pool heating. The thermodynamic advantages and low cost benefits of plate heat exchangers in swimming pool heating means they are more commonly used for this purpose than shell-and-tube heat exchangers . Alfa Laval also offers a compact system for reheating and maintaining the temperature of water in the pools- the AquaPool. 

Flexibility to use different energy sources

A variety of heating sources can be used for pool heating such as excess capacity from the building’s heating system. Renewable energy such as solar and geothermal energy also have great potential as cost-efficient heating sources. Swimming pool heating can also be integrated into a larger project. The Cancún Palace resort in Mexico runs an air conditioning and swimming pool heating system based on Alfa Laval heat exchangers. The warm water discharge from the condensers is used to provide heated pool water at no cost.

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