Free cooling water

Water-based free cooling, sourced from rivers, lakes or oceans, can be the answer for economical, eco-friendly air conditioning and process cooling. Find out how to gain the extensive benefits of free cooling in specific applications and integrate it in a complete cooling solution.

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Cost effective cooling

In spring and autumn, a combination of free cooling and chiller-produced cooling is used. A chiller supplies the total cooling requirement during summer by using the free cooling source to cool the condenser. Suitable free cooling sources include ice and snow storage and water from rivers, lakes, oceans or ground water.

Less refrigerants and lower costs with free cooling

When utilizing free cooling as a cooling source in applications, the use of ecologically harmful refrigerants can be reduced. Free cooling is also a way to cut down on electricity costs; the fraction between running a chiller and using free cooling is 5:1. Reducing electricity consumption also has an environmentally friendly effect, as electricity power production often involves air pollution. 

Driving the future in HVAC

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