Condenser cooler

Pollution poses a threat to chiller performance, as the condenser is vulnerable to a number of common pollution-related problems. Alfa Laval is finding new ways to ensure chiller protection by incorporating its efficient heat exchanger into economical and eco-friendly free cooling-based solutions.

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Pollution impairs performance

A polluted operating environment increases the risk of a chiller shut down due to condenser impairment.  As the condenser is highly vulnerable to attacks from corrosive chlorides, fouling impurities and biological activities in the water, there is a need to provide cost-efficient chiller protection. 

Free cooling’s role in protecting chillers

Alfa Laval gasketed heat exchangers can be used to provide economical and highly effective condenser protection for chillers. In combination with a cooling tower or a free cooling source, such as a river or lake, our plate heat exchangers create an indirect system for chiller protection. This solution compared to a direct system where the cooling source is in direct connection with the chiller, eliminates pollution related problems and as a result improves condenser reliability and reduces maintenance costs.

Driving the future in HVAC

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