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Geothermal heating

Geothermal water is an economical and eco-friendly method of heat generation. Alfa Laval has the necessary application knowledge and superior technology to efficiently integrate this source of renewable energy into district or community heating networks.

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Always available 

Geothermal heating, which utilises energy from the interior of the Earth, is an eco-friendly solution that cuts fossil fuel consumption. And, as it is not dependent on weather conditions, it is always available. Geothermal heating is usually employed as a complement to other heating sources. One of the main applications is hot water for heating buildings and tap water. If the geothermal water temperature is high enough, the heated water can be fed directly to a heat exchanger and then used in district heating systems. 

Application knowledge and superior technology

Alfa Laval uses its extensive geothermal application knowledge to provide optimum designs for geothermal energy applications. We provide superior technology; from the geothermal well to the district heating substation. Our  AHRI certified heat exchangers, with stainless steel or titanium plates, and ALF pre  filters are the optimum choice for handling flows of a corrosive media like geothermal water.

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