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Domestic hot water production

Alfa Laval's domestic hot water solutions are designed to ensure the dependable and economical supply of sanitary water. Our systems can provide domestic hot water for apartments and houses, high-volume tap water for large facilities, and water supplies free from the Legionella bacterium.

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Tap water heating on demand

Alfa Laval systems can provide large facilities with a supply of instantaneous or semi-instantaneous tap water. The instantaneous system provides “endless” access to domestic hot water, whereas the semi-instantaneous system provides domestic hot water with the added benefit of hot water storage. Alfa Laval domestic hot water systems are used worldwide in apartment blocks, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, schools, office buildings, sport centres and other public buildings.

Legionella disease prevention

Given a certain set of conditions, the Legionella bacterium can thrive in environments such as hot water systems. People can become infected by inhaling the bacteria in water vapour when showering or washing. To combat this threat, Alfa Laval offers an anti-Legionella treatment system, which uses thermal disinfection to eliminate the bacterium from hot water systems. 

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